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Image by Joana Abreu


A Journey Through Art Techniques

Designed to inspire creativity, these art classes encourage students to discover their unique artistic voices and preferred mediums. They offer a high school—to college-level experience for young learners that goes beyond replicating sample art.

Spring Session Dates:
Wed., April 24-May 29, 2024

Level 1 - ages 6-9 

3:30-4:30 PM

Level 2 - ages 9 and up

4:30-6 PM
(Younger children who are at an advanced level
and can focus for 90 minutes may join Level 2)


Level 1 - $240 for 6 weeks (6 hours of instruction)

Level 2 - $360 for 6 weeks (9 hours of instruction)


24231 El Toro Road Laguna Woods, CA 92637


1: Explore materials

Students will explore a diverse range of art materials and techniques.

We offer professional-grade materials to enhance students' expressive capabilities, including acid-free papers and high-pigmented art materials.

Class Schedule:
Level 1:
We will explore acrylic painting, pencils, oil pastels, pens, mixed media each week.

Level 2:
Week 1: Pencil drawing 
Week 2-3: Acrylic painting
Week 4-5: Watercolor technique with acrylic paint
Week 6: Mixed media art


2: Color Theory

Throughout our watercolor and acrylic painting sessions, students will learn the fundamentals of color theory, mastering the ability to create over 30 distinct colors (level 2) using only a few primary colors.


3: Find your own artistic style. 

Unlike many art classes that focus on replicating sample artworks for technique learning, this class encourages students to cultivate their own artistic styles. 

By listening to students' passions and providing tailored support, the instructor will emphasize individual interests and encourage creative expression. 

4: Learn about living artists

Level 2 students explore the masterpieces of iconic artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Frida Kahlo at school. However, have you ever wondered about the living artists shaping our present?

This class thoughtfully introduces diverse and age-appropriate artworks from contemporary artists, enabling students to forge a meaningful connection with the world of art.



Takako Oishi

Takako Oishi, a Japanese artist, brings over two decades of art education experience to her practice. Based in Orange County, California, she operates internationally as both an artist and educator, leaving a lasting impact across North America, Europe, and East Asia.


Oishi holds an MFA from Hunter College (CUNY) in New York City, a program esteemed as one of the top three MFAs on the East Coast.


Her expertise has been shared through lectures at renowned institutions, including the Laguna Art Museum, UCLA, CSUN, Pitzer College, Tokyo University of Arts, and more.

Additionally, she is also the mother of a 2E child and founded the Japan and U.S. Association of Gifted Education in 2022.

Takako is fluent in both English and Japanese, enriching her classes with Japanese and American art culture.


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